Half Beef

Half Beef

Approx. 190 lbs. of Beef - Comes in (6) 32lb. boxes - 6-7 cubic ft. freezer space - Boxes measure 15 x 13 x 11.
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This includes: 

24 lbs. of Steak - 3 lbs. of Tenderloin, 8 lbs. of Ribeye, 7 lbs. of New York or T-Bone, 7 lbs. of Top Sirloins, 1.5 lbs. of Flank Steak, 90 lbs. of Ground Beef, 45 lbs. of Roast, 10-12 lbs. of Short Rib, 8-10 lbs of Soup Bones or Osso Bucco, 8-10 lbs. of Kabob or Stew, depending on availability(all weights are approximate). Approx. 190 lbs. of Beef.

The Details

  • Pre-cut to our most popular portion specifications.
  • Frozen and sealed in cryovaced easy-open packages.
  • Each cut is individually packaged and labeled with cut name.
  • Entire order is boxed for easy transportation.
  • 6-7 cubic ft. of freezer space needed.

Is a 1/2 of Beef Right for You?

Use the chart below to calculate how long a 1/2 of beef will last for your household. Keep in mind that your freezer beef will maintain quality for an entire year in your freezer.

   Number of Adults    2 Adults      3 Adults   
   4 Adults      5 Adults   
   Light Consumption      2 Year      14 Months      11 Months      10 Months   
   Moderate Consumption      18 Months      12 Months      9 Months      8 Months   
   Staple Diet Consumption      14 Months      10 Months      7 Months      6 Months   

Based on average annual American beef consumption of 67 pounds per person.

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